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The fashion industry and technology have been walking together year after year and today, it is impossible to speak about the retail industry without speaking about the digital revolution. But what are the main tendencies for the next years? What should we all be prepared for and what are the main areas we should invest? Here we list some of the technology trends to be considered ant its impact in fashion.

1- Internet speaks for your product.

People want to consume fashion and we are more likely each day to do that without leaving home! To be visual and to be able to present your product on internet and from a screen in a detailed way is not easy but technology makes it possible. A lot of apps and programs helps consumers to get a real idea of what they are buying, which helps a lot in the decision of purchase. Tools that enable sizing will be a big trend such as augmented reality enabled Virtual fitting rooms, 3D body scanners; Software tools that compare sizes across brands, creating avatars and sizing them are some of the approaches being used by the e-commerce players. Not only the B2B markets are beneficiating from it, but also the industries in general. Buyers want to be certain about their investments and to be visual on Internet with your products is a good way to convince you are the best option between your competitors.


2- Tech ready to wear

Technology became wearable and the trends are clear: from smart devices that mixes helpful daily tools like the Apple Watch, to researches to make smart fabrics based apparel, technology will be part of our body with a lot of design added.


3- Personalized assistant.

We all want to be treated as individuals and not only as part of a huge group that have a specific taste or habit. To sell apparel considering the individuals preferences of each consumer individually is a trend and technology has everything to do with it. We will be able to count with specialists to help us to find what we are looking for in a very personalized way. It can be trough online devices with a digital stylist or in person, but the brands are offering it as a plus in the way they communicate with their clients.  Besides, companies are moving away from using simple statistical analysis of historic data and are using specifically computer vision and deep learning to study unique tastes and predict and personalize recommendations at an individual level.


4-  More payment options.

How many different sites and apps do you know that dedicate themselves to the payment process? The are a lot of companies that offer different ways and conditions for you to pay for your products online such as PayPal and the retail industry is one of the industries that are beneficiating from it. That made easy for brands to expend their sells to other countries. We are fast approaching a place where mobile technology will offer retailers a channel that will create a perfect synergy between payments, loyalty, marketing and advertising.

5- Go mobile.

For the next years, we can expect mobile to play a bigger role in the fashion industry. It is essential to have your website and other platforms totally designed for mobiles because consumers are more likely to access Internet from their phones and tables and also purchase from them. Because of the lower frequency of shopping trips and store visits it’s becoming more important than ever to optimize a shopper’s visit to a site and to make sure everything works right from any device.


6- Be competitive by mobile-based loyalty programs.

It’s important to note that simply implementing rewards won’t be enough to stay competitive. In the coming months and years, the retailers that will win are those that offer personalized rewards, coupled with great products and convenient buying experiences. Retailers will leverage technology to make this happen: traditional loyalty programs will be replaced by mobile-based ones that not only make it easier to redeem rewards, but also enhance the consumer experience.

This is just some of the many results that technology are forcing us to get and the companies and brands that are not creating consciousness for those changes, can face a lot of problems with the competitively in a close future. Technology is here to stay and we need to keep up with its path.

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