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Trimming Trends

Trimming Trends

The trimmings compose de details that can make all the difference on a peace so here, we selected some of the 2016’s trimming trends that we will probably keep seeing in the next year.

1- Navy.

The navy style comes back time to time to the runways always looking for a little bit of innovation. We saw one year full of stripes in white, red, and blue, in another one we saw the Navy Vintage, inspired in the shape of the yearly sixties and now, we see the trimmings being the focus of the Navy inspiration:

– The big and golden buttons inspired in the captain clothes, appear as the main detail in many different pieces.  Stripes, knots, and rubber translate basic boating elements into edgy detailing.june1

2- Provocative

The provocative vibe with a touch of luxury trimmings, construct the dark/sexy vibe that goes from a romantic approach to shapes inspired in Rock. Chanel and Givenchy were the brands the most used trimmings like that on the Fashion Shows this year.

– Laces, lather, transparency and a lot of delicate and “handmade” style.


3- Flowery

The flowers come in many different styles, sizes and materials. They were mostly presented in pastel and candy colors. Gucci used flowers in many dresses in a very girly style.

-Flowers made with needlework, laces and texturized fabrics are welcome in different contexts.


4- Laced Up

The laced up detailing was huge on the runways in 2016, appearing all over for purely decorative purposes. They appear in many styles: gothic, classic and even country and have decorated in many different ways, on loose outfits, tight dresses, on the waist area like a corset, on sleeves and on the shoulders.

-The strings can be very thick or slim and in various materials like fabric, leather, like a ribbon or even in a shoelace shape.


5- Pierced & Chained

This year, piercings appeared in many looks that showed rings, metal pins and some massive chains. Pierced rings were used to attached pieces of fabric composing a very different esthetic that was sophisticated and at the same time, rebel.

-Eyelets, metal circles, big chains in gold and silver colors are the trimmings that can be explored here.


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