Solaris | Why produce clothing in China?
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Why produce clothing in China?

The opportunities that the Asian country can bring to your company.

With fashion industry (textile, clothing or accessories) getting more and more competitive, ļ¬nding new ways and places for production, either domestic or foreign, is essential for companies to remain competitives in the market.

China has an undeniable importance as a great center of textile production in the world. According to statistics from the World Trade Organization, the country is responsible for almost 40% of all clothing and textile world exports.

What makes China a place so important to produce?

Strategic issues developed in China’s recent history, politics and economic development made the Asian country a place for global industrial production.


Quality + low costs

Not only owing to low cost of workforce, but also having subsidies from local government is a part of the fast growth strategy of the Asian country.

Extensive industrial park

Competitive, the Chinese industries are able to provide any order.

Expertise in clothing industry

It was developed as one of the main strategies of the Chinese government and companies since the late seventies, when China replaced South Korea and Hong Kong as the center of clothing industry.

At last, access to increasing Chinese customer market

Chinese middle class grows more ans more and it’s already target to the biggest fashion brands around the world.

To discover more, check our whitepaper “Why produce clothing in China?”.

Team Solaris

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